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The Black Council are the chief advisors of the Witch-King Malekith. [1a]

Comprising exactly one hundred lords and ladies, the inner circle of the Witch-King's most favoured includes many Dreadlords who each have a seat at the obsidian table - a dangerous but much sought after honour. After meetings with their master, it is not uncommon for a need to replenish the ranks! [1a]

Notable Members

  • Morathi: The infamous mother of Malekith and highest ranked member of the Council. [1a]
  • Kouran: Captain of the Black Guard and second ranked member of the Council. [1a]
  • Ezresor: Member of the Black Council and thought to be the master of the Witch Kings spy network, Third ranked member of the Council. [1a]
  • Drane Blackblood: Famed for her beauty, she directs the raids on the westward nations. [1a]
  • Venil Chillblade is the latest lord to bear that name whose ancestors have long held a seat on the Black Council. [1a]
  • Ebnir Soulflayer: Heavily scared, he is one of the commanders of the great armies of Naggaroth. [1a]


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