Black Crag

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Black Crag is a mighty fortress of the Orcs located in the Worlds Edge Mountains near the Border Princes. Once a Dwarf hold called Karak Drazh or Karag Drazh (both also meaning "black crag"), it is now the largest and most prominent of the Orc strongholds in what was once the Dwarf empire. [1a]

Black Crag, built at the western entrance to Death Pass, overlooks one of the World's Edge Mountains' most important passes. It is ruled by Gorfang Troll-Eater, a perfidious Orc Warlord whose horde is engaged in perpetual war with the nearest Dwarf strongholds.


Black Crag was surrounded by rich veins of ore that provided great wealth for the Dwarfs before the great hold was lost.

The throng of the hold joned High King Snorri Whitebeard's muster of the might of the Dwarfs to fight alongside the Elves of Prince Malekith against the Daemons of Chaos. [2a]

It survived the cataclysm of the Time of Woes, but fell soon afterwards to the Orc hordes that came in the wake of the disasters with Orc Warlord Zogbad the Destroyer finally taking the hold. After conquering it, he had the vast statues of the Ancestor Gods reshaped into totems of Gork and Mork. [1a]

Thorgrim Grudgebearer led an attack on Black Crag and managed to rescue several of King Kazadors family who were being held captive there. [1a]


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