Black Plague (anthology)

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Black Plague
Black Plague cover.jpg
Author(s) C L Werner

The Black Plague is a anthology of novels and stories about the Black Plague sweeping through the Empire.

It is part of the Warhammer Chronicles series.


It contains the following:


One thousand years have passed since Sigmar united the tribes of man and gave birth to an Empire. Now, the Emperor Boris Goldgather claims ascendancy and it is a bitter reign. Under his corrupt rule, the Empire is already at risk of annihilation when a deadly plague sweeps across the lands, decimating entire populations. In its wake, a second mortal threat seizes their advantage: the skaven. Whilst the Emperor escapes to safety, his people struggle to defend their cities with diminished forces. Only one man dares brave the wilds and lead an assault upon the mutant ratmen. Graf Gunthar and his army battle to liberate towns and villages of their verminous infestation. But as glorious victories herald the promise of a new leader for the Empire – for the Graf, the trials have only just begun.

~ Black Library.[1]

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