Black Water

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Black Water is a meteorite crater in the Black Mountains. [1a]

Monsters inhabit its black depths. [1a]


A vast meteor crashed down from the sky leaving large amounts of unusual minerals such as Gromril scattered around the shore of the lake that filled from meltwater from nearby glaciers. [1a]

The Dwarfs formed strongholds to mine the metals, harnessing torrents of water with huge waterwheels to power drop-hammers in the the subterranean forges. [1a]

In -285 IC, W'soran lured a large force of Orcs down from the mountains to engage an enemy force from the Strigoi Empire led by Horda and Walak. [2a] His own dead held the opposition in place long enough for the greenskins to arrive and then he retreated to avoid being cut down by Walak. [2b]