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Shroudguard are a type of Nighthaunt Malignants, usually Knights of the Shrouds frequently guarded by a bodyguard of Bladeghesit Revenants who are bound to their master or mistress by magical oaths.[2a]

Bladegheist Revenants

The fate of the Bladegheist Revenants is a cruel and undeserved one, yet one they must endure. They are the spirits of mortals who met a particularly painful death, such as being drowned or buried alive. The sheer blind rage they felt in their last moments are extended to all eternity, with them blindly slashing and waving deadly blades around with an incandescent rage that could be felt only by the restless dead. [2]

Knights of Shrouds

Knights of Shrouds are the heralds of Nagash, sent to bring the word of the god of death to those that defy him. He commands masses of undead, specially the Nighthaunt armies, with a disembodied voice that rings over the moans of the deceased, seeking to slaughter the living and bring disaster, as he is dread omen given form. They have traded their souls with Nagash so they could become the generals of an undead host.[1]