Blessing of the Lady

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The Blessing of the Lady, is a powerful enchantment granted by the divine Lady herself to those who show true devotion.


Before a battle the Knights of Bretonnia often kneel and pray to The Lady of the Lake, avowing to fight for the death for honour and justice. Sometimes The Lady will answer a particularly brave knights call, it is an awesome sight to behold as the mists of magic seep from the ground in response to the knight's affirmation of faith. The enemy can but watch with dread as rays of sunshine break through the clouds, glinting on the armour and resting on the lancetips of the Bretonnian host, stirring an otherworldly chorus from the very earth itself. The foes of Bretonnia know that they face divine as well as human forces, and uncertainty gnaws at their resolve and their hearts sink within their quailing breasts. [1]

The Lady's blessing puts a powerful curse upon the enemies of chivalry, and in particular those who make use of foul and dishonorable weapons of mass destruction and magic on her knights, also protecting them from cowardly arrows and other ranged attacks.[1] The mighty Grail Knights need not pray for this blessing with hopes to receive it. For these Living Saints have been gifted with the Lady's permanent blessing, and always have it's protection.[2]