Blighted Empire (Novel)

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Blighted Empire
Author(s) C.L. Werner
Preceded by Dead Winter
Followed by Wolf of Sigmar

Blighted Empire is a novel by C.L. Werner in the Time of Legends series, the second of a trilogy featuring the Skaven's first entry into the Warhammer world.

Cover Description

The Black Plague spreads across the Empire, followed by a tide of monsters from legend: the skaven. In Altdorf, Emperor Boris's troops valiantly hold off the ratmen while the corrupt Emperor escapes to safety. In Middenheim, Graf Gunthar and his son Mandred defend their city against a horde of the vile invaders. And in Sylvania, the skaven find more than they had expected in the form of the necromancer Vanhal and his army of the dead... an army that gets larger as the plague worsens.