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Sir Blisterback is a Pestigor squire to the Gryme family of the Order of the Fly[1]


He is a bulky beastman with whitening mangy fur, a swollen belly and long limbs, clad in a rotting leather hauberk and a ragged hood over his goatlike skull. He is armed with a heavy cleaver. [1]


He had been squire to the father of Carkus Gryme, helping plant his skull in the family orchard. He then grumpily served the son in turn, giving him advice, guarding him and making him his favourite soup in attempt to fatten him up. [1]

He accompanied his master on his quest to recover the Lady of Cankerwall who had been kidnapped by Ompallious Zeyros, the Radiant Knight. [1]


Trust in Grandfather, young master. Hope is the weed in his garden, and failure, his mulch.

~ Blisterback.[1]