Blood on the Reik

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Blood on the Reik
Blood on the Reik cover.jpg
Cover Artist Paul Dainton
Released 2005
Pages 98
ISBN 1-84416-121-8

Blood on the Reik: A Journey through the Old World is a background book from Black Library.


  • 1: Citizens of the Empire
  • 2: Servants of the Empire
  • 3: Swords for Hire
  • 4: Religion in the Empire
  • 5: Magic Users
  • 6: Street Furniture
  • 7: Portage through the Old World
  • 8: Races of the Old World
  • 9: Creatures of the Old Wolrd


Being one man's recollection of his many and varied travels through the diverse domains and territories of the Old World. With accompanying drawings and sketches, from the hand of the Author.

~ Tobias Helmgart.[1]