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An unreleased Blood Beast model.

Bloodbeasts of Khorne are a daemonic type of Chaos Spawn that have inherited the characteristics of their patron god. They are essentially unruly masses of muscle and tendon.[1]

Bloodbeasts have all the aspects of Khorne's servants: battle-maddened creatures living only to take the lives of others and reap skulls in the name of the Blood God. Brimming with this mindless fury, a Bloodbeast will charge headlong into the forefront of any battle, not caring whom or what it is engaged with. They can have many sorts of limbs and/or tentacles lined with razor-sharp barbs, rippling with corded muscle and dripping with gore. These are used to whip and lash at enemies as the creature charges its foes, resulting in disarming and either disembowelment or decapitation.[2]