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Bloodreavers are the frenzied followers of Khorne and part of his Bloodbound army, whose sheer numbers are their primary weapon. They are frothing killers, whose bodies are covered in thick slabs of muscle and ritual scars. Compared to the rest of the Bloodbound, they are mere mortals from barbarous tribe but are in no way less devoted into their butchery and slaugther than any other follower of the Blood God.[1][2]

They wield Reaver Blades and Meatripper Axes into battle.[2]

The survivors of their raids that refuse to join them are consumed in a flesh-banquet and those that do join them unwittingly strike a pact with Khorne, becoming bloodthirsty and cannibalistic, like them.[4]


The leaders of the Bloodreavers are the Chieftains, who carry double-edges blades and axes, and grisly trophies into battle.[1][2]

Icon Bearer

Icon Bearer wield detailed banners of Khorne into battle, inspiring other Bloodreavers into greater acts of carnage.[1][2]


Hornblowers carry horns into battle and by blowing into them they announce the Bloodreavers to charge into combat[1][2]