Bloodwrack Medusae in the Mortal Realms

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A Bloodwrack Medusa model.

Bloodwrack Medusae in the Mortal Realms are Witch Aelves honoured to be transformed by Morathi into serpentine creatures with a portion of her power.

Truly faithful and/or beautiful Witch Aleves may be honoured by the High Oracle who will perform the Slith-onóir ritual upon them, granting new forms and powers, but also ensuring their loyalty to the Shadow Queen, Morathi. They are blessed with the ability to conjure spells and their very eyes can exsanguinate an enemy whilst also raising their standing in the Daughters of Khaine.[1]

In battle they still retain their old skills and are skilled combatants, using such weapons as Whisperclaws and elaborate spears as well as their potent magic’s and death gaze.[1]


Sssoon you too will feel your heart grow colder; you will shed your skin into scales and be reborn in the image of our one true master...

~ Final ritual of the Slith-onóir .[1]


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