Bloody Spear Tribe

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The Bloody Spear are a Night Goblin tribe that control both ends of the Old Dwarf Silver Road that leads from the Badlands to the Dark Lands. This proves to be a very strategic position, as this gives them the ability to ambush Dwarf caravans, specifically those that have already been weakened by attacks of the White Orcs Tribe.[1]

History of the Tribe

In the year -1457 IC the Bloody Spear managed to claim Mount Gunbad from the Dwarfs, but had to defend it against attacks from the neighbouring Red Face Tribe. They still managed to keep the mountain during the Silver Road Wars against the Dwarfs in the year-1387, when only eighty percent of the dwarf caravans managed to survive the journey through the pass. Mount Gunbad was temporarily reclaimed by the Dwarfs in -1245 IC, but was soon retaken by the Goblins.[2]


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