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A Bone Giant is a Tomb Kings animated construct. It consists of bones of desert creatures bound together with wood and metal, as well as with the magic of Liche Priests. While their strength, bulk and speed are similar to that of regular Giants, they benefit from the bronze armour and weapons of Khemri. Also, being Undead constructs, they lack the wild and unpredictable nature of a living Giant and simply obey orders from the day they are created till the moment they are felled in battle.[1]

Bone Giants are representations of legendary creatures said to walk the earth long before records began with the foundation of the Mortuary Cult. As the priests of the cult grew and learnt, increasing effort was put into creating creatures to imitate these legends and the Bone Giants were born. Bone Giants are made to resemble the warriors of Nehekhara and most are many thousands of years old, it being rare to create new Bone Giants. If a Giant is destroyed in battle, its parts are gathered together in order to recreate it.[2]

Bone Giants are often seen outside of city walls, guarding entrances and defensive areas. They will react to any who come near without the need of a Liche Priest to summon them, such is the magic that goes into their make-up.[2]

Part of the incantation to awaken a Bone Giant is shown below:

"That which was stone, arise! Bone and bronze and leather and tar, creature of power awake and visit destruction on the enemies of Khemri!" - High Priest Kharnut during the Second Dynasty."[2]



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