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A map of the Border Princes.
A more detailed map of the Border Princes.

The Border Princes is a natural destination for emigrating peasants and nobles, seeking a better life. Most of these colonists are descendants of Bretonnia or come from the Empire and Tilea. Many of them are political or religious refugees, but the region is also the natural destination for deserters and/or criminals on the run from the law.


In former times the Border Princes were largely inhabited by savage tribes of Greenskins, but now the land is fiercely disputed by the hardy human colonists and many Orc and Goblin tribes. When a large army of Knights Errant came across the greenskins on their way to the Arabyan Crusades, they drove them from the land and built great castles to hold back the Orcs, becoming the first Border Princes. The human colonists are tentatively organized into tiny kingdoms, small principalities, and independent city-states, but most of them are little more than fortified villages. All of them are targets of fierce Orc incursions and few survive for very long.

The colonists are somewhat stronger in the north-west, while the Greenskin hordes dominate the south-east. Even in the north some Orc and Goblin tribes live in hard-to-reach places like forests and mountains. In the centre of the whole region lies Barak Varr, the great seaport of the Dwarfs. The Blood River is the ultimate frontier, but no place north of the river is completely safe from the occasional Orc or Goblin raid.

Notable People

  • Sven Carlsson is such a Border Prince. The militia from his realm are mounted on horseback and garbed in red uniforms and wear very heavy armour. Carlsson's Cavalry are very well trained in combat, as Carlsson himself is a retired mercenary, and values well-trained troops. Carlsson is a personal friend of Morgan Bernhardt and the two often come to each other's aid[1].
  • Leitpold the Black, Border Prince and Mercenary General. He rides a barded warhorse to war and has some of the most ostentatious and detailed armour ever to grace the Old World[2].
  • Count Schuvaltz - a Border Prince in 2480, Schuvaltz was in need of money and resources to raise an army, so he commissioned another army to plunder the land of Khemri. Only one survivor returned.[3]
  • Farnio Forzini was the Duke of Alfori. During the End Times he was captured by Mannfred von Carstein and turned into a vampire. Later, he returned to his family lands and wreaked havoc upon them.[4]

Known principalities

  • Khypris
  • Alfori
  • The Northern Border Confederacy is a mutual alliance of quite different settlements who work together for protection. It includes;
    • Akendorf currently ruled by Lord Durant as part of an electoral monarchy system. They have a population of approximately 800 and have an economy centred around timber, woodcarvings, hogs and trapping.
    • The Duchy of Brovska is ruled by Duke Beaucamp. It has a population of approximately 500, and there economy is based on Agriculture and cattle farming.
    • Munzig is a simple dictatorship ruled by Graf von Erhard. It has a population of approximately 520, and there economy is based on timber, sheep and market industry.
    • Styrtia is a traditional principality ruled by High Prince Bela. It has a population of approximately 450, and there economy is based on Agriculture and cattle farming and vineyards[5]
    • Myrmidens was founded by settlers from Luccini in Tilea, it is the largest realm of the Border princes with a population of approximately 7000[5].


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