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The Bowmen of Bergerac are a renowned band of peasant archers Bretonnia led by Bertrand the Brigand. [1a]

The Bowmen are made up of:


When their baron went off on a Grail Quest, he never returned and soon Orcs emerged from the forest and began ravaging the area. Normally a Knight Errant, usually the Baron's son, would be expected to be called upon to drive off the enemy and take the Baron's seat as his own. However, the former Baron's son was both cruel to the local peasants and cowardly so would not ride forth against the greenskins. [1a]

Bertrand, who it was also rumoured the former baron’s daughter favoured, assumed the leadership of the peasants, making them practice archery whilst the nobles remained safely within the castle. He and his archers began to gaurd the approaches, driving off the Orcs and even pursuing them into the forest! However, the Baron's son imprisoned his sister in a tower and merely raised the taxes which he then frittered away. [1a]

More rumours began to swirl - that the former Baron's wife was a sorceress, a descendant of the cursed lords of Mousillon, this was not helped by her lack of attendance at the Grail Chapel which fell into disrepair. The castle itself soon became known as Chateau Mal. [1b]

One fateful day, a huge monster burst out of the castle, in its mouth the corpses of the Baroness and her son. It tore open the tower where the daughter was imprisoned and was about to devour her when Bertrand shot it in its single red glowing eye. The maiden was dropped [2b] and was caught by Hugo le Petit and as the frenzied monster tried to break out of the shattered castle, Bertrand shot blazing arrows again and again until the whole structure was ablaze. [1c]

The Barons daughter, as was her right, declared that Beterand had achieved a feat of arms as a worthy errand and they were wed. The stones of the ruined castle were headed over the corpse of the monster and taking a few relics from the Grail Chapel, Bertrand led his new wife and the peasants away. [1c]

With Bertrand not wishing to become a knight, or to continue pay feudal dues, they took to wandering the realm fighting against greenskins, raiders and even bad barons or knights. [1c]

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