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Bragga was a Kharadron Overlords duardin from Barak-Skarren. [1]

She was pulled from the wreckage of her sky ship, stripped of her armour and forced to fight for the entertainment of her Ogor captors. As the numbers of prisoners dwindled, she worked with several captive Freeguild humans for the city of Concordia in an escape attempt.[1]

In the aftermath of a fight, she managed to slip the broken tip of a sword blade into her a flesh wound, using it to cut the bonds of her cage and that of Niara Sydona. As Niara fought in the pit, she and Lothran Horst fought the jailer but she was killed. [1]


The code? Tis stricture and guidance for well-fed mercenaries, not prisoners with echoing bellies. It might be that Valruss honours a duarkvinn by sparing her a morsel.

~ Bragga to Niara.[1]