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Branchwraiths are the oldest of the Dryads in the World-That-Was and the sacred priestesses of the Sylvaneth in the Mortal Realms.


Branchwraiths are the oldest of the Dryads. They have ever served as the handmaidens to the Ancients of Athel Loren, and attend to the Treemen with a dedication bordering upon the fanatical. Yet before the coming of the Elves, the Branchwraiths were so much more. In those days, it was they who ruled the forest and they who tamed the Winds of Magic to bring sustenance to bough and branch. Thus do few Branchwraiths think kindly of the Elves, and many hate them — it matters not that Durthu brought the Elves into the forest precisely because he knew that the Branchwraiths’ cruel nature would lead Athel Loren to great evil. Now the Branchwraiths watch and wait for the seasons to shift once again. One day soon, they believe, the usurpers will be cast down from their lofty perches and the natural order restored.[3]

Mortal Realms

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Branchwraiths are the sacred priestesses of the Sylvaneth, imbued with the power of Ghyran.[1]




Die thee, plaguespawn! Rotfinger! Viletouch! Squirm your last! The sylvaneth kindled beauty in these lands you have befoul'd and by my scythe, so shall we again.

~ Branchwraith Astylia at the Battle of the Oozing Dell.[5]