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Bransùil the Aeslandeir was a Norsii Sorcerer in the time of Sigmar. [1b]

He had been called a galder-smith, a warlock, a wyrd, a sorcerer, a seider. [1d]


A shaven-headed man wearing a cloak of feathers, his skull tattooed with the black eyes of a crow to match his own. [1b]


Bransùil was a student of Kar Odacen. [1d]

He concealed Sigmar and his comrades from a large Skaven warband [1a] and joined them on their quest to destroy Krell, much to the annoyance of Alaric the Mad and the other Dwarfs. However in exchange, Bransùil was also forced to swear never again to use his magic on the Dwarfs again whilst they were on the quest. [1c]


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