Bretonnian Chivalry

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Bretonnian Chivalry is a code of conduct for the knights of Bretonnia. [1a]

A fundamental part of the code is devotion to the lady of the Lake. [1a]

Should a Knight be accused of breaking the code of chivalry, they may defend themselves in a trail by combat against the accuser or their champion if they are not a knight. [1c]


When setting out on his initial errand a Knight Errant must vow upon his sword to follow these commandments and it is believed that failure to do so will mean his sword will fail him in battle. [1b]

  • Serve the Lady of the Lake.[1b]
  • Defend the Domain entrusted to him.[1b]
  • Protect the weak and fight for the right.[1b]
  • Always fight the enemies of virtue and order.[1b]
  • Never give up the fight until the foe is defeated.[1b]
  • Never break faith with a friend and ally.[1b]
  • Always display honour and courtesy.[1b]


Although there were various traditions for the mounted warriors of the Bretonni tribe it was the son of Gilles le Breton, Louis who formulated the code as one of his first actions after being crowned king of Bretonnia. [1a] [1b]

Originally the bravest young man in a village was required to be provided with the best arms and armour that they could afford, he and his warhorse would be given the best food and drink. They would be housed in a watchtower and were entitled to take the fairest maiden as his wife. In return he would constantly train and protect the settlement from any foe, no matter how terrible and how many there might be. [1b]

Later this would evolve to become the knightly system, complete with castles, squires and men at arms. [1b]

Rules of Honour

These so-called rules date back to the very origins of knights in Bretonnia and which are rarely broken but which can be redeemed by a Grail quest, pledging to the service of a lady or superior knight or a feat of arms greater than his dishonour. [1c]

  • A Knight may not use a missile weapon; they may only fight hand-to-hand.[1c]
  • A knight shall always accept a challenge to personal combat. [1c]
  • A knight shall not draw sword against a fellow Bretonnian Knight except in a trial by combat or in a tournament. [1c]
  • A Knight shall not himself to be captured. [1c]
  • A Knight shall not retreat from the enemy. [1c]


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