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A Bretonnian Tourney is an essential part of the cultural life of Bretonnia.[1a]

When the knights of Bretonnia have no wars to fight in they maintain and hone their skills in exciting contests of martial prowess. The most spectacular of these are known as Tourneys, with lesser versions being tournaments or mere Jousts. [1a]

A tourney will last for several days and will be attended by Knights from across the whole realm. Often they are created to attract noble knights as potential husbands for the hand in marriage of a Duke. Other prizes on offer include magic or sacred artefacts which may be given to the knights local Grail chapel. [1a]

A Knight that wins a Tourney can sometimes use it as their errand of Knighthood. [1a]

Black Knight

He wears black armour and carries a black shield with no emblem and represents such historical enemies of the nation as undead Black Knights, Chaos Knights or Dark Elves. [1e]


On the first day, competitors - especially Knights Errant will seek favours from ladies as a lucky token - although some women are also enchantresses who can use their powers to aid a knight they favour. The more intimate the garment the lady grants as a favour, the higher the recipient is regarded by her. Modest ladies will attend with a number of veils. [1a]


Magical items may not be used at a Tourney and those who are caught are forced to Quest to remove the stain to their honour. [1a]


The greatest of the Tourneys are held in the the ducal cities. [1a]


Although it is rare for non-Bretonnians to take part in a Tourney, on occasion a knight of the Empire or even a Elvish Knight will join. Elves are usually seeking to win an ancient heirloom of their race. [1a]

The heralds determine who is eligible to enter and they also organise them into two teams. [1b]


  • Day One: The Pageant of Honour No fighting or contests take place but instead the Knights parade and seek favours from the ladies present. The heralds inspect the competitors for magical items and once this is concluded, the remaining Knights will proceed to enter the contest on the next day. [1a]
  • Day Two: The Joust Pairs of knights compete in a knockout contest, the pairings determined by lots to avoid personal disputes being settled in the joust. [1a]
  • Day Three: The Tableaux de Bataille Knights challenge the Black Knight for the top prize. [1a] If the hand of a lady is at stake, she is locked in a mock dungeon tower and the Black Knight must be unhorsed to claim her. If a relic or artefact is at stake, it is placed on an altar stone in a ring of stones, the entrance to which is guarded by the Black Knight. [1d]


The events are attended by vast crowds of commoners and the inns and taverns filled to bursting point. [1a]


Normally at a Tourney, the Knights will use blunted weapons fighting a la pleasance, whilst the rare occasion when sharp weapons is called a l'outrance. [1b]


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