Brettonian magic items

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Magic items found in Bretonnia.

Magic Weapons.

Sword of Heroes

This blade is the rarest of its kind and it is also the most powerful. It is named so, because only a true hero would brave the monstrous creatures it was designed to fight. When it is used against such an opponent, it strikes with the power of the battering ram, slicing the hide of a Dragon with great ease. The sorcery inside widens the wound, causing the creature to bleed out quickly.

Lady's Champion Sword

This arcane item is usually just a common blade, without anything to set it apart from regular creations of a blacksmith. This changes if the bearer is blessed by the Lady of the Lake. Suddenly, it seeks the blood of the enemy with great vigour, evading the most graceful parries and going deep into the foe's flesh. Should the bearer behave unhonourably and lose the blesssing, or the weapon picked up by someone unworthy of it, and it instantly loses all its power, waiting until the Lady's champion finds it again.

Morning Star of Fracasse

This weapon looks a lot like a common flail; however, it has got deeper sorceries bound into its fabric. Should the Brettonian foesw counter the holy echants of Brettonia with their own arcane weapons, the Morning Star will find them with vengeance, its blows seizing upon the magic inside and turning it against itself.

Lance of the Quest

The power inside this lance guides it past enemy's blocks and parries straight into their body.

Magic Armour

Armour of Brilliance

This is an extremely fine armour by itself, matching Dwarf gromril and Empire full plate armours. Not only that, but it also emits unnatural shine, blinding the enemies and causing the surest of blows and and the best-aimed bolts to miss their mark.

The Grail Shield

This shield is the highest gift a Grail Knight could hope for, with its holy wards rebounding the strongest of blows.

Cuirass of Fortune

A well-made cuirass with protective wards inscribed on it.

Mithril Great Helm

This helm is a lot stronger than regular helm. Not only that, should the cunning enemy find a chink in the armour, this helm's arcane power will redirect the blow scant inches away to bounced of the Brettonian steel.


Dragon's Claw

Not only does the magic of this talisman protect its bearer from the commoner's blows, but should a Dragon seek to incinerate this brave noble, the hottest fire it can produce will circle around the wearer, doing absolutely no harm, no matter how hard it blows.

The Mantle of Blood

This blood-red mantle has a property of slowing down enemy strikes, preventing sudden death. Should the Sword of Kings find its mark, the mantle will turn to dust, letting the blade absorb its magic instead of the bearer's life.

Enchanted Items

Tress of Isoulde

When the bearer calls on the power of this item, the enemy stands no chance of evading his blade.

The Ruby Goblet

Tragically, for this item to work, noble blood needs to be spilled. This goblet feed upon it and turn it into a ward over the whole group of knights nearby.

Holy Icon

This icon will reward its bearer generously, should he be judged worthy enough of Lady's blessing. The vilest sorcery an enemy can use will dissipate by the holy power. Should the blessing be lost, the power will be lost as well.

Arcane Items

The arcane items are wielded by the Damsels and Prophetesses of the lady to aid them in the use of their powers.

Chalice of Malfeur

Should this item be used,its power will summon breezes of magic for Damsel's disposal. Sometimes, however, it may feed upon her life instead, weakening her or even killing her outright.

Potion Sacre

When its drunk it will amplify one of the winds of magic, adding that much power needed to make the spell count.

The Silver Mirror

This item reflects not just the light, but also magic, sending enemy spells to where they came from. Unfortunatly, the strain such reflection puts on the mirror cracks it apart. Even worse, just like the real mirror can't reflect twilight, it has no effect on the spells that scatter winds of magic in broad waves of destruction.

Magic Banners

The power inside this banner fills the foes with anxiety. The usually comforting presence of their comrades doesn't offer them any solace, for they feel that there are not enough of them.

The sorceries of this banner create a powerful ward against enemy most unhonourable missiles, be it bolt thrower's projectile or the foul Greenskin spell.

Valorous Standard

This standard lifts the spirits of all allies around, making them a lot braver than usual.

Errantry Banner

This banner is carried by the hopeful knights Errant, adding power to their charge to utterly crush their enemy.

The Banner of Chalons

The incredible power of this banner freezes the hands of the enemy archers when they are about to unleash a volley into the charging knights.