Brides of Burning Blood

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The Brides of Burning Blood are one cult among the Witch Elves that hold no single shrine among the Dark Elves but instead dedicate their worship of Khaine on the battlefield. They do not take any hostages as they believe blood taken from battles is both raw with anger and fear thus fitting tribute to the bloody handed god. As their deity is the Lord of Suffering, these Brides also coat their weapons with toxins which give an agonising death to their victims. Following the battle, the Brides of Burning Blood go before the Death Hag where they are inspected. Should a single portion of their body not be coated with the blood of their victims then the Witch Elves believe that their offering is unacceptable. Thus, they are sent to find more victims be the enemies or even their fellow Dark Elves in order to appease Khaine.[1]