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The Lore of Fire, also known as Bright Magic [10a] is Magic derived from Aqshy, the red wind of magic. [1a]

Aqshy runs wild over hot sands and sun-baked fields of the world and is most powerful where there is flame and fire, whipped into a frenzy as it swirls over the volcanoes of the Worlds Edge Mountains. To those with the sight, the red wind appears as a crimson, hazy shimmer obscuring the real world as if it is a mirage. [1a]

When the Lore of Fire is used, sparks crackle and spit at the magister’s fingertips, the very air darkens and afterwards the ground seems to char and crack, wisps of smoke may hang in the air and the smell of burning hangs heavy. Aqshy seems to consist of two seemingly distinct elements - the physical world, of fire and heat, and the emotional, warmth of personality and spirit, the heat of love and friendship. Passion and anger attract Aqshy, aiding in its channelling. [1b]

Unsurprisingly, Aqshy is hard to summon at sea but is swiftly drawn to anything that is set on fire - Bright Wizards have a terrible reputation amongst mariners. [7a]



Pyromancers often use flammable materials, including coal, oils and wood but trappings immune to fire are also common, such as iron keys and small oven stones. [1c]


  • Aqshy’s Aegis: A fiery cloak of Aqshy makes the caster completely immune to damage from non-magical fire. [1c]
  • Blast: Red-hot energy flies out from the caster in a straight line to strike the casters enemy. [10a]
  • Body of Fire: The casters body is sheathed in flame. [1c]
  • Boiling Blood: The target’s blood begins to boil. [1c]
  • Burning Head: A ball of fire in the shape of a flaming head flies in a straight line laughing maniacally, striking everything in its path. [1c][10a][11a]
  • Breathe Fire: A gout of fire errupts from the casters mouth. [9a]
  • Captivating Flame: Flames dance and mesmerise observers. [1c]
  • Cauterise: Aqshy is used to heal but causes unconsciousness and they are permanently scarred. [1c][9a]
  • Choleric: The caster causes one person to dislike another individual. [1c]
  • Conflagration of Doom: A massively powerful inferno is called down on the enemies of the caster. [9a][10a][11a]
  • Crimson Bands: The caster traps their enemies in bands of glowing magic. [10a][11a]
  • Crown of Flame: A majestic crown of inspiring fire is summoned. [1c][9a]
  • Fireball: One or more balls of fire adn conjured and thrown at the casters enemy. [9a][10a]
  • Fireball Barrage: A flury of blazing missiles seek out the casters enemy. [2a]
  • Fiery Blast: Magical fire is unleashed on the casters enemy. [9a]
  • Firewall: A wall of Fire is created. [1c]
  • Flamestorm: A great pillar of fire bursts up from the ground. [1c][10a][11a]
  • Flaming Hearts: The casters voice takes on a rich resonance. [1c]
  • Flaming Sword of Rhuin: The caster manifests a flaming Sword. [1c][9a]
  • Forge of Tarnus: The caster causes a forge to burn with unnatural intensity. [1c]
  • Great Fires of U’Zhul: An explosive blast of Aqshy. [1c][9a]
  • Hearts of Fire: Allies have enhanced courage as long as they still near the caster. [9a]
  • Ignite: A object or person catches fire. [1c]
  • Inextinguishable Flame: A small normal fire is made inextinguishable by any means. [1c]
  • Kindleflame: Items that are not normally flammable can catch fire, even water and stone. [1c]
  • Kindred of the Hearth: A minor Fire Elemental is summoned from a fire to defend the caster. [1c]
  • Magma Storm: The raging lifeblood of the world is drawn to the surface to envelop the enemy. [1c] [2a]
  • Piercing Bolts of Burning: Arrows of orange flame are conjured to strike the enemy. [10a][11a]
  • Purge: An intense flame is summoned to burn away corruption in an area. [1c]
  • Sanguine Swords: A magical red sword that hovers in front of the caster is manifested. [1c][10a][11a]
  • Scarlet Scimitar: A conjured magical blade. [10a][11a]
  • Shield of Aqshy: Currents of Aqshy guard the caster against fire. [9a]
  • Taste of Fire: Food or liquids are heated. [1c]
  • Wings of Fire: The Caster gains flaming wings enabling them to fly. [10a][11a]
  • Withering Heat: A spell to desiccate the wizards enemy. [1c][2a]
  • Ygethmor’s Flaming Blizzard: A mighty gale of sparks and cinders is summoned. [1c]



Feel with me now the roaring inferno licking at your limbs, strands of power burning with pure magic, flickering through your body, feeding your very being. This is the power of the Bright Wind of Fire. Feel it gathering, lighting the way, sparks erupting from your body, glimmering light brightening around you, attracted to the shapes in your mind, and the patterns you draw upon the air. Searing flames, of all hues jumping into life, gathered into your arms and warming your heart.

~ Supreme Patriarch Thyrus Gormann welcoming apprentices. [1a]


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