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Wizards of the Bright Order

The Bright Order is one of the eight Colleges of Magic who train Wizards in The Empire. Bright wizards are specialists with fire, and as a result have a vast knowledge of pyromancy. So much so that members of the order are mistrusted by others as they have a reputation for quick tempers and having firey characters. Bright wizards are the most skilled of all the orders in combat. The Bright orders building in the college is invisible to the normal folk of Altdorf. This harkens back to the skills that the orders members have in concealment. The Lore of Magic they study is the Lore of Fire.


  • Altdorf College: Illusions cloak the real towers of the college so it appears as fire blackened ruins but in reality those towers surround a great furnace. Banners proclaiming the battle honours of the college hang in every entrance. [1a]

Known Members

The Bright Order gains the most applications as it does not discriminate in favour of the rich and powerful. [1a]


There are eight ranks of wizard in the order, with each progression being marked by passing through increasingly large and ornate filigreed gates. The rank of a wizard can be determined by how many keys they carry and how heavy are the chains that bear them.. [2a]


  • Fireball Barrage: A flury of blazing missiles seek out the casters enemy. [2a]
  • Magma Storm: The raging lifeblood of the world is drawn to the surface to envelop the enemy. [2a]
  • Withering Heat: A spell to desiccate the wizards enemy. [2a]


  • Key of Secrets: It is used in every important ritual, although Wizards of the Order also joke that their power can give them access through any door! [2a]




…which utilises the Bright Wind, called Aqshy, whose colour is Red, whose Lore is that of Fire, whose rune is the Key of Secrets, and whose practitioners are called Pyromancers.

From the Founding of the Eight Orders, credited to Teclis.[1a]


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