Broken Axe Tribe

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The Broken Axe are a Goblin tribe situated on the eastern end of Death Pass through the Worlds Edge Mountains. The tribe brought forth Grom the Paunch, who is often regarded as one of the greatest Goblins that ever lived, both in accomplishments as in size.[1]

Most of the tribe's history is interwoven with that of Grom, as Waaagh! Grom invaded the Empire in 2420 IC and was ultimately brought to a stop when his was defeated on the shores of Ulthuan by Eltharion the Grim.[2a]

Known members

  • Grom the Paunch: Warboss from a few years before 2420 IC until his defeat in 2424.[2b]
  • Niblit: Grom's personal assistant and standard bearer.[2c]