Brotherhood of Steel

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A member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Brotherhood of Steel were the greatest warriors within the Knights of Sigmar's Blood, equivalent to an Inner Circle of other orders, though they spurned such titles officially.


The Knights of Sigmar's Blood famously spurned the practice of keeping an inner circle, claiming that all knights were brothers in the Heldenhammer's sight. Nevertheless, many of the order looked to the Brotherhood of Steel for the example and leadership they provided. Ten years previously, the Brotherhood of Steel had followed Hans Leitdorf into Sylvania, to assist the witch hunter Tibalt Greer in destroying the Black Dame of Kervheist. This they had done, though it cost many good knights their lives. Many of the survivors of that day fought at Heldenhame, and were determined that the horrors of Kervheist would not be visited on their city.