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The Kymera was a Pirate Barque commanded by Red Henri of Breton that became the Butcher Ship. [1a]

The Kymera was two hundred and twenty paces long and mounted forty guns. [1e]

As the Butcher Ship it radiated red light from its crimson hull and bloodstained sails whilst its cannon balls started uncanny fires which water could not doused with water. [1f]


In company with three other ships, the Alastor, the Demiurge and the Diadem they sighted a Tilean treasure ship heading across the Bay of Tilea and gave chase. Only the Kymera could match the fleeing vessels unnatural speed and they both outdistanced the other ships. [1d]

The Tilean vessel had been carrying a stolen sarcophagus from Khemri containing a boy-king whose amulet allowed him to curse and control Henri and send him search of enough souls to revive him. [1h]

For more than ten months the Henri and the Kymera swept the seas near Estalia clear of ships - not just merchantmen but formidable pirate vessels as well. [1a] So much damage was being done to trade that the The Prince of Luccini commissioned Luka Silvano and his Reivers to hunt down the ship. [1b]

It destroyed the Sacramento and turned its captain into a Daemon-like creature. [1c]

Anchored in the Golfo Naranja, it was attacked by Luka's ships and the Estalian warship the Fuega. The Fuega struck first firing seven devastating broadsides, any of which should have destroyed the Butcher Ship, but they did no harm. In return the Butcher ship finally returned fire and hit its magazine destroying it utterly in a single salvo. [1f]

The Rumour was protected by the Bite of Daagon but the Safire was destroyed trying to ram it. The Lightning Tree then arrived and drew attention long enough for the Rumour to close and board. [1g]

When Luka threw the amulet into the depths of the bay, the undead crew blew away like ash and ship reverted to a blackened black hulk as its masts shattered and fell. It sank into the depths.[1i]


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