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Bylorhof is a town in Sylvania.[1a]

Bylorhof is home to the worship of Bylorak the God of the Marshes, who some scholars believe to be an aspect of Manann or Taal.[1a]


When Vlad von Carstein drove the priests of the Empire's gods out of Sylvania, those of Morr, Shallya and Sigmar fled from Bylorhof all fled, but not the priest of Bylorak. He stayed and maintained his cult amongst the thousand souls of the town, ignored by the Vampires who considered them worshippers of a worthless God. [1a]

During the Vampire Wars, Mannfred was forced to retreat to Bylorhof where he raised a vast horde of zombies to defeat the armies of Averland and Stirland. [2a]

When Count Ranelf von Feuerfliege took control of the town following Mannfred von Carstein’s resurrection and eager to prove himself, he took on the cult of Bylorak and lost. His decapitated body was staked to the bottom of Bylorhof Marsh and the priests of the Marsh God took back control, reassuring the people they would be safe from retribution. They reopened the town’s temples and even invited priests from nearby Stirland to join them as well as petitioning Wurtbad to bring them back into the fold. [1a]

With all four temples operating and the belief in the God of the marshes at an all-time high, when seen with Vampire’s eyes Bylorhof glows painfully with holiness. [1a]