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Gravewild is a City of Sigmar that lies within the Sea of Dust in the Realm of Shyish, it is the sister city of Nordrath.[1]


Age of Myth

Caddow the city that would become Gravewild was originally a trade hub in the Sea of Dust during the Age of Myth. It was visited frequently by the Ninety-Nine Companions.[1a]

From here, Deathrattle kings would travel to Nordrath to test their skills with the lance in friendly tourneys whilst Soulblight lords and ladies would depart in state to view the sights of Azyr. [1f]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos, the city was destroyed by Chaos while many of the inhabitants tried to flee over the Sea of Dust.[1]

Age of Sigmar

After the Realmgate Wars, Gravewild held one of the few Gates of Azyr yet to be opened by Sigmar.[1a]

To keep the gate closed Archaon the Everchosen sent Bakhos to be his marcher lord with his Slaaneshi warband known as the Blessed Ones. They made camp on the outskirts of the ruins of the city and also claimed vague dominion over the Beastmen tribes that had taken up residence in the city.[1a][1c]

Having approved a petition by its sister city, Nordrath in Azyr, to retake the city Sigmar sent three Stormhosts of the Hallowed Knights in addition to the many mercenaries, Freeguild Regiments, Collegiate Arcane wizards, and Ironweld Arsenal forces brought by Nordrath’s leaders to conquer the city.[1b]

What followed was a campaign spearheaded by the Hallowed Knights, where the forces of Order retook the city from Chaos. It was also when the city received its new name, Gravewild, from its new leader Duke Albain Lorcus.[1][1f]


The city is run by a ruling conclave with House Lorcus at its head, with each territory within it promised to and developed by those who helped conquer it.[1b][1d]



Corvine Gate

A realmgate located in the center of the city, connecting it to Nordrath in Azyr. During the Age of Myth a ziggurat in Nagash’s honor was built around it.[1a]

Following the Founding of Gravewild, a Hallowed Knights Stormkeep was built around the realmgate.[1g]


The port of Gravewild leading to the Sea of Dust, by the Age of Sigmar had fallen into disrepair.[1e]

Notable Inhabitants