Cadoc Kel

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Cadoc Kel is a Knight-Azyros of the Steel Souls Warrior Chamber of the Hallowed Knights. [1][2]


His armour is decorated in prayer scrolls and every flat surface has words - Canticles etched upon them, each one commerating a victory.[1]



He was killed by his cousin Ahazian Kel who would become a renowned Deathbringer in the service of the Blood God, Khorne. [2]

Stormcast Eternal

Although he could have become a powerful champion of Chaos, Sigmar stole his soul and reforged him as a Stormcast Eternal. [2]

Channelling his hatred of the followers of Khorne, he slaughtered a vast number of bloodbound on the Bloodlust Bridge in the Realm of Aqshy, damming the river below. [2]


Quick tempered, he is unconcerned with the salvation of souls, only the death of his enemies. [2]