Caethrin Gorge

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Caethrin Gorge is a valley amid the volcanic mountains of the region of Caledor in southern Ulthuan, where the Dragons live. It lies near the slopes of Tir Alinith and Anul Caethrin and near the Anvil of Vaul.[1a] It was the site of a great battle between Aenarion's armies and the daemons of Chaos.

The Battle of Caethrin Gorge

At Caethrin Gorge, Aenarion led his army against a host of Chaos Daemons. Alongside Aenarion fought Caledor Dragontamer, Eoloran Anar and the dragon Indraugnir. Through the elves were outnumbered, the battle of Caethrin Gorge ended in a tremendous victory for the High Elves: Not a single elf fell, whereas the daemon horde was annihilated to the last.[1b]


The battle of Caethrin Gorge took place on the same day that Everqueen Astarielle was slain in a daemonic attack on Avelorn. Some sources place this event in the thirtieth year of Aenarion's reign (-4470 IC)[2], while other sources claim that at this time Aenarion had been fighting the daemons for a hundred years.[1c]