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Schwert, Pergament & Sanduhr.jpg This article is about the Phoenix King known as "the Conqueror".
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Caledor the Conqueror was the third High Elven Phoenix King of Ulthuan. Caledor reigned during the time of the Sundering. He was a good king that held together a nation split in half. [4b]

He was a great warrior and general, but no talent for magic unlike his grandfather. [4b]


Caledor's original name was Imrik[1] (not to confuse with his descendant Imrik who lived during the reign of Finubar[2]). He was the second-born son of Menieth who was the son of Caledor Dragontamer. Imrik's older brother, Caledrian, was ruling prince of Caledor until his death at the massacre at the Shrine of Asuryan.[3a] His younger brother was Dorien.

His father told him more than once that "though Caledrian was heir, Imrik was the strongest of the three brothers.[3c]

During Caledor's reign, his generals included his younger brother Dorien and his cousin Thyrinor.

Upon his death, Caledor was succeeded by his son, Tythanir, who took the name Caledor II.


As he was hunting with his friend Koradrel in the forests of Chrace when word came to him that he had been chosen as the next Phoenix King, in opposition to Malekith. Shortly after the message had reached him, assassins fell upon him and his hunting party and they would have been overwhelmed if not for local hunters - who would then escort him to the Shrine of Asuryan. [4b]

Quickly he walked through the sacred fire, but did not have time to marry the Everqueen simply calling for all elves to unite under his banner against the usurper. A increasingly brutal civil war now raged through the Elf kingdoms and beyond. Caledor defeated the Malekiths armies on several occassions and finally faced him on the field at the Battle of Maledor where he defeated him completely, forcing him to flee into the marshes. [4b]

As Malekith become more desperate, he looked to undo the vortex and the heart of the realm which shocked even his own followers as it would unleash the dameons that his father had fought so hard to defeat. One, Urathion of Ullar fled and survived long enough to warn Caledor of the threat. A huge battle ensued between the two forces and at the hight of the battle, with the forces of Malekith being aided by Daemons but as the enegries touched the vortex on the Isle of the Dead, the mages trapped within it flung the malign energies back against those who had sent it in Nagarythe, destroying that land and submerging much of Tiranoc with massive tidal waves. [4b]

For another hundred years Caledor sought to rebuild after the devestation, his warships engaging those of the Dark Elves and skirmishes taking place over the Blighted Isle. He also ordered the creation of mighty fortresses to guard the Inner Kingdoms: the Dragon Gate, Eagle Gate, Griffon Gate, Phoenix Gate and the Unicorn Gate. Caledor himself travelled to the Blighted Isle and contemplated claiming the Sword of Khaine but he refused it.[4b]

Returning home, his ship is seperated from his fleet and attacked by the Druchii, rather than be captured he jumps overboard in his armour. [4b]

Mount and weapons

Caledor rode the dragon Maedrethnir, son of Indraugnir. He wielded the sword Lathrain, gifted to him by his father.[3b]


A taciturn man, he seldom used multiple words when one would do - when told he was to the new Phoenix King, he replied with Why and when the messenger asked what would happen next, he simply said War. [4b]

Notable Events of Caledor I's reign

N.B. All dates are Imperial Calendar equivalents.

Date Events Sources
ca. -2750 Imrik is crowned and takes the name Caledor. With the coronation of Caledor, Malekith flees to Nagarythe. Civil war ensues. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2740 Renegade Wizard Princes from Saphery flee to Nagarythe. A heretic priest of Vaul, Hotek, steals Vaul's Hammer and takes it to Nagarythe. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
Unknown Malekith becomes sealed in his black armour and names himself the Witch King. The war increases. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2725 The Witch King is defeated at the Battle of Maledor. The Witch King decides to show his master plan. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2724 The Witch King interferes with the Vortex holding Ulthuan above the sea and sinks the northern half of the island. He then raises the Black Arks and the newly named Dark Elves depart to the Northwest. They find a land and call it Naggaroth after their homeland of Nagarythe. The Elves are powerless to stop them. Large parts of Tiranoc are lost. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2631 Dark Elves resume their war against Ulthuan. Caledor reorganises his armies and starts building the Gateway Fortresses of the north. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2600 Griffon Gate, the unconquered fortress, is finally built. It is the first of a set designed to protect against Dark Elf raids. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2426 The Dark Elf Black Ark Palace of Joyous Oblivion is sunk by the dragon ship Indraugnir with a magically forged Starblade ram. This is the first sinking of a Black Ark. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2220 The Dark Elves are finally driven off Ulthuan. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2218 Caledor orders an expedition to the Blighted Isle. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
ca. -2198 Blighted Isle taken. Caledor does not draw the Sword of Khaine, even though it would give him enough power to destroy the Witch King. On the journey back, Caledor's ship Indraugnir is separated from the fleet and is assaulted by Dark Elf raiders. Caledor throws himself overboard in full armour rather than be captured. Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), pg. 38
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