Cassandora Stormforged

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Cassandora Stormforged is the Lord-Celestant of the Stormforged a Warrior-Chamber of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost.[1]


A dark-skinned woman with a round face, her silver war-plate is bedecked in sigils of purity and prayer-scrolls.[1a]


As a Knight-Vexillor she saw her predecessor and friend, Artos Stormforged die, his soul torn into a thousand shards. [1b]

She led her chamber into battle as part of the reclaimation of Caddow. [1]


We have stood in this place before, haven't we? Whatever the realm, whatever the cause, we have always stood in this place. We will always stand, whatever comes. The is our glorious burden.

~Cassandora .[1c]