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Marked with a star on their left shoulder[1c], the Justicar conclaves provide their chamber with missile support. With inescapable wrath, they thin enemy ranks with punishing blows against weak points and command structure.[1a][1b]


Judicators are the ranged combatants of the Warrior-Chambers of the Stormcast Eternals, wielding bows and crossbows into the fight against their hated enemies. They often stand behind the lines of Liberators to loose volleys of crackling arrows at the enemy. Their long-range Skybolt Bows shoot crackling arrows of purest lighting and the Shockbolt Bows explode into a storm of lighting upon contact. Their rapid-firing Boltstorm Crossbows shoot bolts made of Sigmarite, while their Thunderbolt Crossbows unleash blasts celestial energy. If the enemy manages to get to close they use their Storm Gladius to smite their enemies.[2][3]

Judicators can detect evil and deliver swift and ruthless punishment. In such an instance Judicators saw through the deception of the Soulblight Vampire Lord von Drecht, suddenly ended the parlay and blasted the vampire's hidden minions forcing him to flee. [4]


Vanguard-Raptors are reclusive marksmen that form the Justicar Conclaves of the Vanguard Auxiliary Chambers. They are utterly focused on their battlefield role and have honed in their skills by tireless campaigning. Some wield Hurricane Crossbows which can deliver a withering salvo of Sigmarite-tipped bolts that punch through both plate and bone. Those that prefer to launch well-timed and unheralded attacks prefer the Longstrike Crossbow which can take dispatch priority targets with a single ruinous bolt from a remote firing spot. [4]

Their accuracy is increased by the Aetherwings that fly overhead as scouts or even swoop down defend the stormcasts. The relationship between the Vanguard-Raptors is fraternal and the highest crags of the Sidereal Mountains in Azyr where Aetherwings nest is also where Vanguard- Raptors make their lodging. They are rarely seen in the cities as they need to constantly watch over the nests of their companions. [4]


Castigators form the Justicar Conclave of the Sacrosanct Chambers as powerful ranged support troops, against ethereal enemies that can kill with but a touch. While the Sacrosanct Chambers value firepower when against an ectoplasmic enemy most projectiles often harmlessly pass through the fiendish entity’s body. Thus Castigators, the ranged firepower specialists of the chamber, employ deadlier and more inventive weapons than those used by other ranged fighters.[4]

Castigators are armed with the Thunderhead Greatbow which is similar to a heavy crossbow, though it is far bulkier. The projectiles the greatbow hurls are similar to Maces with flasks wrapped in bracing bands of metal at their end, and it is the contents of these vessels that is the Castigator’s true weapon. They are filled with the storm-breath of the Stardrakes. When an Extremis Chambers’ Stardrakes return to High Azyr, Castigators seek their aid for a sombre dawn ritual where the great beasts exhale their stormcloud breath upon the thunderhead maces arranged carefully in a twelve-pointed star before them. Once that tempestuous energy has filled each weapon, the Castigators attune their spirits to them, the better to wield their full potential. When empowered by the spirit energy of the wielder, the thunderhead greatbow launches these powerful projectiles with the force to punch through the armour of a Chaos warrior and crush the ribcage behind. As the thunderhead mace strikes the foe, the flask at its head bursts in a storm of crystal shards releasing the energy contained in a blast of cerulean force. When used against a wraith or a daemon, the stormcloud of Aetheric energy can discorporate the diabolic creature in an instant.[4]