Castle Drachenfels (book)

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Castle Drachenfels
Castle Drachenfels Cover 001.jpg
Author(s) Carl Sargent
Editor(s) Graeme Davis
Released 1992
Pages 112
ISBN 1 872372 32 5

Castle Drachenfels (book) is a supplement for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Edition) by Hogshead Publishing.

This source book gives extensive detail of the great castle of Constant Drachenfels, those creatures that dwell within it and adventures that can be had. It also provides powerful pre-generated characters to explore its heights and depths and/or to be eoncountered.


The first recorded observations of Castle Drachenfels, the accursed house of hell, were brought to us by Oskar Lefevre and Jean-Pierre Lafontaine of the city of Quenelles in the year 184 (Imperial Calendar). Their sketches show the castle fully formed, with seven towrs and high battlements, the stone appearing slightly worn and aged. Yet the accounts of the explorers Armand and Michaela Menise, say nothing of such an edifice. The evil monster brought his abattoior to birth from the mountain fully-formed in a matter of weeks or less.

~Archaeologica Maledicta.[1]