Ordinatos Conclave

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Ordinatos Conclaves take the role of heavy artillery in the Stormhosts’ military operations and are often seen defending the walls of Stormkeeps but they too can be borne to battle on pillars of lightning. [1]

Celestar Ballista

Celestar Ballista are powerful magical artillery of the Sacrosanct Chambers commanded by the warrior-engineers known as Sacristan Engineers. These weapons were first created to protect the Anvil of Apotheosis itself and were placed in the high archways that overlook Sigmar's palaces and the halls within. [1]

The design allows them to be pivoted in a full circle providing a better field of fire and can be broken down and carried by the two Sacristan Engineers that operate it to suit the mobile forces of Stormcast Eternals. The Sigmarite Bolts launched by the Ballista can punch through an oaken drawbridge even without any enchantments. On top of the Sigmarabulum's spires the Sacristan Engineers use their magical talents to coax stray lightning to strike the rune inscribed bolts in a process that has led to several premature reforgings. However the benefits far outweigh the risks. When they are fully charged the bolts become blisteringly hot and can induce star-given visions if touched with their bare skin but the Sacristan Engineers are unaffected due to their heavy gauntlets. They are then loaded into special cartridges to be carried into battle. [1]

In battle they are loaded to the Ballista and shot like blue-white energy that blast through the enemy in a chain explosion arcane force. With its versatility and impressive rate of fire it can dominate the battlefield and when focused on a single target its accuracy and power can even grievously damage a greater daemon. However most of the time it is used in a defensive role. [1]