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A wizard of the Celestial Order.

The Celestial Order is one of the eight Colleges of Magic who train Wizards in The Empire. [7a]

Celestial wizards are expert seers and specialists with the afterlife. As a result the order often use celestial images such as comets, stars and crescent moons. Celestial wizards are skilled at astronomy and devote substantial time to studying the night sky. The Celestial Order's building in the college is cleverly concealed near the heart of Altdorf, with few others truly knowing where it is.

The Lore of Magic they study is the Lore of the Heavens which they know as Astrometeorological Thaumaturgy hence them often being refered to as Astromancers. [2a] [7a]

Celestial Calendar

Created around 2350 IC, the esoteric Celestial Calendar tracks the movements of the moons, the sun and the stars and is bound by the blue wind of magic. The movements of the heavenly bodies are examined for patterns that can give long term forcasts. [8a]


The first leader of the Order came from Nuln having learnt from Teclis and Finreir and it was initially a relaxed insitution for those drawn to Celestial magic. [1a]

Around 2400 IC, Helmut Rosenkrantz became the High Celestial after a disputed election and created the first domed tower at the Aldorf College which began a "tower race" until the Emperor himself banned further construction. [1a]

Known Members


  • Altdorf College: Located on the south bank of the Reik, it has the highest towers in the city - its domes need to be cleaned every evening due to pigeon droppings. As apprentices can be assigned this job as a punishment and may have to resort to magic if they fall they draw spectators.[1a] There are sixteen turrets with the towers made of blue and white stone and each culminating in shimmering domes of enchanted glass. [5a] [7a]

Popular Culture

Magistrix Regnat is a hugely popular serial newssheet serial written anonymously which follows the life of Astrid, a woman born under the Witchling Star who joins the Celestial College, rises to become a magister, and adventures across the Empire with her Halfling cook Thomasina Thorncobble and her High Elf companion, Athandril Iceborn. Denounced by both the religious authorities and the Celestial College itself, it is a work of pure fantasy with little knowledge of interest in how the Winds of Magic function. Partially because of denoucements it remains wildly popular with the general public. [a]

Relations with others

The rumoured links between the scholars of Verena and the College and worshippers of Morr in his aspect of the God of Dreams will also consult magisters of the Order. [2a] The Sea Lords of the Imperial Navy have long cultivated an association with the Order due to their ability to control the weather, read the night sky and foresee perils at sea. Astromancers will often join ship’s companies in exchange for the Navy furnishing expeditions. [7a]


The Eight Pointed Star, the Comet [4a] and the Crescent. [2a] it is is only inverted on robes of mourning which notes that a great fellow of the college has fallen in death, to the level of the common folk. [4a]