Celestial Vindicators

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A Liberator of the Celestial Vindicators.

The Celestial Vindicators are the sixth Stormhost of the Stormcast Eternals to be founded. They wear turquoise hued armor. Forged from heroes plucked from the most war-torn lands, they are fearless even against the might of a Bloodthirster. [1][2][9]

They carry a deep hatred for all things Chaos, making them stern and unforgiving and creating a deep bond with their brethren. This makes them vengeance incarnate, relentless in their pursuit for revenge against Chaos.[9][4a] The Celestial Vindicators know neither mercy nor restrain.

They chant many grim war songs to better channel their fury against their foes, with their most notorious battle cry being "We fight! We kill! We win!"[8b][9]


The Celestial Vindicators were recruited from those soaked in the blood of Chaos Champions, who prayed for more strength to smite their foes. Entry to the Celestial Vindicators requires an aggrieved inheritance that they must ask Sigmar the right to exact personal revenge.[4a][9]


In the Realm of Metal the Celestial Vindicators try to reclaim the Silverway from the minions of Tzeentch.[3]

A Skaven Grey Seer, Kritch enlists Clan Shokryk to who create machines, storm-thing snatchers that can capture the souls of Stormcast Eternals. The first test is against a force of Vindicators commanded by Lord-Exorcist Esmodire is a total disaster and although one soul is briefly captured but it blows up the engine before returning to the Realm of Azyr and the skaven force is wiped out. [10a]




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