Cerrus Sentanus

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Cerrus Sentanus, The White Reaper is a Lord-Veritant of the Knights Excelsior [1]

He dwells in the Consecralium, the Reaper’s fortress in the city of Excelsis. [1a]


He is clad in pristine white armour, polished to gleaming perfection with a cape of blue and a pitiless battle-mask of an exploding sun. [1b]


He has established a fearsome reputation in city of Excelsis and beyond even with corsair queens such as Arika Zenthe. [1a]

Alerted to the presence of Choas cultists that would destroy the city, he joined the remaining loyal defenders in defeating their uprising. [1c]

During the Time of Tribulations he spent a day torturing a Soulblight Vampire until it revealed all of its secrets. Afterwards he spoke of his new fear of the Dead. He had Liberators sent into the streets to hunt down agents of the Sanguinary Choir, the names of which were spoken by the vampire in his dying breaths.[2]


You would seek aid from those butchers? Once you summon the kraken, Hanniver, there’s no safe harbour to flee to.

~ Arika Zenthe to Hanniver Toll.[1a]