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The Condemned are lead by Spirit Torments, hosts composed of the Chainghasts and Chainrasps, into battle - rampaging through the ranks of the foe.[1a]


When Spirit Torments March to war, they are accompanied by Chainghasts. These heavily armoured and chained Nighthaunt are those poor souls who, in life were imprisoned and cried out to gods other than Nagash for freedom in death. Naturally, this would draw the ire of the Great Necromancer. Now, they are doomed to obey the Spirit Torment's every command, fully aware of what they are doing. [1]


The Chainrasp Hordes are some of the most base and pathetic Nighthaunt. They are the spirits of people who, in life, were bound in chains. In the afterlife, they gain no respite from this eternal imprisonment, destined to always grasp for a non-existent light, battering and grabbing at their surroundings to do so. Held together by the arcane power and spite of Nagash and this hatred forces them into a profound and self consuming madness that is especially potent when they gather together, sapping their victims will. [1]

Champions of such hordes are known as Dreadwardens and they bear candles which act as beacons to the tormented horde as they chase the light they believe leads to freedom. However the candle is in fact part of their binding. [1]

Weapons will not hurt a Chainrasp, but their spiked clubs and rusted blade will easily damage the flesh of the living.[2]

Spirit Torment

The Spirit Torments are the jailers of Nagash. They are sent by the Lord of Undeath to personally fetch and entrap souls that he felt personally wronged him, such as the Stormcast. These souls are then taken to a continent-sized jail where they are left to be tormented for all eternity. [1]