Chalice of Wrath

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The Chalice of Wrath is a magical artefact containing part of the essence of Xathrodox, a Daemon of Khorne. [1a]


A wide mouthed silver cup similar to drinking cups of Tilea it has a short stem fashioned to resemble a horned fiend shouldering the burden of the bowl itself. The tail of the fiend is sharp and always seems to catch the skin of those who handle it. [1b]


As a Daemon favoured by the Blood God, his arrogance and power grew until he drew the wrath of Khorne who pinned him down with his boot heel and tore his essence into three parts. Each was placed into a different artefact - a chalice, a dagger and a brass skull and given to mortal champions to spread bloodlust through the world. [1a]

The cup was found by a young priest after the defeat of the Chaos hordes in the ruins of Praag who brought it back to the Empire where it languished in vault of his monastery. [1b]

Storm of Chaos

As the Chaos hordes once more attacked the Empire, a horde of Beastmen felt the call of the cup and sacked the monastery, butchering the monks and hanging their bodies by their guts from the walls. However despite repeated searches they could not breech the vaults and distracted by this task they did not note the approach of imperial soldiers led by Rolf Vogt who fell upon them and killed them all. [1b]

The soldiers rested there before moving on to Middenheim and in the night Rolf found the cup, and possessed by bloodlust, slaughtered all of his comrades. Recovering his senses, he believed he was actually the only survivor of an attack and marched on to the besieged city where he distinguished himself as a leader and warrior. He then returned to Nuln but often suffers visions of bloody battle and a growing desire to travel north. [1b]


It enhances the bearers’ fighting skills and resilience. If used as a weapon it is a formidable weapon that drives its wielder into a fighting frenzy who has great trouble telling friend from foe. Finally, if in the possession of a mortal it will send them dark dreams until they kill something. [1b]


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