Chaos Dragon

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Chaos Dragon

Chaos Dragons are two headed predatory Dragons corrupted and twisted by Chaos. [1a]

Their wings are boosted by black sorcery and the will of the Gods of Chaos, their natures equally wicked and twisted by their creator - Tzeentch. A single dragon can destroy an entire enemy, shreddign them with the claws and teeth, choking them with black vapour or incinerating them with fire. [1a]

The Chaos Dragons see themselves as the true servants of the Tzeentch. [1a]


All Chaos Dragons are different, some a sheathed in invisible flesh, others festoned in horns and bony protrusions or even crwaling with corruption. [1a]


Most live in the Chaos Wastes and it is a rare calamity when one leaves for the realms of the mortals. [1a]


They are a blight upon a proud lineage, a foul insult to which extermination is the only just reply.

~ Prince Imrik of Caledor.[1a]