Chaos Gargants

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Chaos Gargants are lumbering giants who have dedicated themselves to the Gods of Chaos.[1]


At the beginning of the Age of Chaos, many Gargant tribes either sought to flee from the invaders or join Sigmar's alliance to resist them. Others however were eventually corrupted mind and body by Chaos, descending into savagery and with their forms twisted in bestial fashion. Chaos Gargant tribes trample the lands and slaughter everything they can, caring nothing for each other and banding together only to increase their destructive powers.[2]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Isiphus Chaos Gargants Chaos Gargant Gargant He once roamed the Eightpoints, gorging himself obsessively on flesh and treasure but now is too fat to move.
Skroug Chaos Gargants Chaos Gargant Gargant The formidable and intelligent leader of a mercenary company known as Skroug's Menagerie.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Chaos Gargant M01.jpg
Chaos Gargant Chaos Gargants Chaos Warscroll


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