Chaos Incursion

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Map of the Great War against Chaos, 2302

Ever since Chaos came to the World it has waged an unending war upon its inhabitants in an attempt to ultimately control all lands. The Chaos Gods are fickle beings and most of the time they are warring between themselves. However, several times throughout history the forces of Chaos have united and invaded the world, bringing misery and death to untold thousands. All such incursions have to date, been repelled, but there are some who speculate that the victory of Chaos is inevitable, for their armies are infinite and they cannot truly be destroyed.

The Coming of Chaos

Roughly around IC -5600, the warp gates of the Old Ones collapsed and opened permanent portals into the Realm of Chaos. This is referred to as the Coming of Chaos. The world was flooded with dark magic and Daemons intent on domination. The Elves and the Dwarfs fought back against the infinite hordes of Chaos and tried to save the world, scoring early successes but they could never hope to hold out forever. The details and events of this "First War against Chaos" are lost to history, but what is known is it was the time when Aenarion the Defender rose up to unite the Elves, and Grungni likewise with the Dwarfs, who taught them craftsmanship and how to mine.

Chaos however was never truly defeated and inevitably returned years later. This time Grimnir led the Dwarfs against the Daemons with two mighty Rune-axes. In Ulthuan, Aenarion reigned, and he led the Elves against the Daemons. Both races suffered heavily, and the forces of Chaos showed no sign of slowing. The Elven mage Caledor Dragontamer learned of the Chaos gates which had arisen in the shadows of the gates of the Old Ones and realised that this was the source of not only all magic, but also of Chaos and its daemonic hordes.

Caledor met with Grimnir and both shared what little knowledge they had about Chaos. Grimnir gave one of his legendary axes to his son and departed for the northern Chaos Wastes in an attempt to seal it. He was never heard from again, but the Dwarfs insist he was successful or at least partially, as following his disappearance the Chaos hordes were thrown back.

The more logical explanation for the defeat of Chaos however is the Elven Vortex created by Caledor and his mages. Whilst Aenarion, having drawn the Widowmaker from its stone, defended Caledor, Caledor set in motion a plan to drain the world of magic thus destabilising the Daemons and sending them back to the Realm of Chaos. He managed to create a magical Vortex which acted as a plug, draining the magic from the world, thus banishing the daemons back to the polar regions.

Great War Against Chaos

The Great War against Chaos was fought in IC 2302. The Dark Elves allied with the forces of Chaos, attacking Ulthuan while at the same time Kislev and the Sigmarite Empire were invaded by the Everchosen Asavar Kul.

Teclis and Tyrion led the High Elves in their narrow victory against the Witch King and his host of Chaos Warriors and Elves at the Battle of Finuval Plain, while Magnus the Pious defeated Asavar Kul with a combined army of Men and Dwarfs at the gates of Kislev.

Storm of Chaos

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The Storm of Chaos began in IC 2522 and engulfed Kislev and the Empire in war. Its ultimate result was the near destruction of the lands of men, and Chaos coming yet another step closer to world domination.

The End Times

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The End Times were ushered in by the invasion led by Archaon the Everchosen, and heralded the end of the world and the rise of the Mortal Realms.