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File:Chaos Maradeurs.jpg
A mob of Marauders.

Chaos Marauders are the most numerous tribal warriors dedicated to the worship of Chaos, and whose profession for violence and savagery have since earned them the well-known title of Marauders by the inhabitants of the Old World, though amongst their own people, they are simply known as warriors, and in times of peace, they often serve the clans as guardians and hunters. As befit their barbaric reputation, these axe-wielding barbarians often charge into the fray within great howling mobs without care for armor or tactics. They have little fear of dying in combat, for to fight and die under the gaze of their gods is considered the greatest death one can achieve in their lifetime.

The vast majority of these tribal Marauders are usually members of the bloodthirsty Norse that have come south for either the need for plunder or to attract the favor of the Gods. As such, each warband is usually led by a powerful and highly-independent tribal Chieftain, brutal warriors whose bodies are covered with the scars and trophies of many battlefields. Chaos Marauders are a hardy and adventurous lot that often roam the Northlands in search of glory, plunder or adventure. The other main groups of Northmen, the Kurgan and Hung, are generally horsemen and mounted archers.

In comparison to the men of the south, the Norse have endured a great many hardships. These warriors have braved harsh blizzards with nothing but scraps of flea-infested fur, hunted and eaten many deadly creatures with nothing but their bare hands and teeth, and whose adventurous nature has led them to many dangerous yet amazing places that no civilized Man would ever dare to venture. In battle, Chaos Marauders are experienced and natural fighters, born into hardship and brought up in a world where surviving each day is no small victory. Only the strong and capable prosper, for the weak are always weeded out and killed, either by the elements or by the blade of the northmens. They have no time for plough or sickle, for their tools are the axe, the sword and the shield. What their own lands cannot provide, they simply take.[1]

Armies of Marauders are led into battle by mighty and hulking Marauder Chieftains, with elite Marauder units being formed by groups of Marauder Champions.


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