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A horrific spawn of Chaos.

Chaos Spawn are followers of Chaos, mutated into a horrendous beast of flesh and sinew.[4][5a]


Any follower of Chaos can become a spawn, even Chaos Champions may suffer this fate when they receive too many mutations and do not ascend into Daemonhood or die.[7]

Chaos Spawn lose what little remained of their original forms, becoming a shifting mass of tentacles and eyes. A rare few retain just enough of their original forms to become truly horrific. Upon the moment of devolution, the subject is wracked with agonising pain as his body ripples and undulates. The pain is so great it destroys the mind, erasing nearly every memory, all emotion, and the capability of forming a coherent thought, leaving behind an unreasoning husk of flesh and sinew.[1]

In appearance, these creatures vary widely. Some appear as the man who walks as a beast – a oncehumanoid form that has sprouted and burst into an obscene and monstrous anatomy, mutated almost beyond recognition. The eyes of the original creature peer out, a glint of its former personality barely perceptible amidst the fleshy ruin. Others appear more as the beast who walks as a man – a twisted parody of humanity moulded from the hairy, lumpen body of a forest creature.[1][5a]

Regardless of particulars, Chaos Spawn are creatures of unspeakable horror, their twisted bodies sporting an impossible array of spines, eyes and mouths. Some have the heads of overgrown insects, while others have skin that exudes poisonous slime. Some, due perhaps to the locations in which they lair, appear to be a part of the forest itself, their constantly mutating bodies having been joined with the rotten limbs of dead trees, their skin covered in dank moss.[1]


Types of Chaos Spawn

Aside from the more common spawn of Chaos Undivided, some may exhibit the traits of a particular god.

  • Bloodbeasts of Khorne - The Bloodbeast is a type of Chaos Spawn that has inherited the characteristics of its patron god. Like all aspects of Khorne, the Bloodbeast is a battle-maddened creature that lives only to take lives and harvest skulls in the name of the Blood God.[2][5a]
  • Daemonvines: Are thought to be either plant based Chaos Spawn or Daemonic beings...[8]
  • Fiend of Slaanesh - Sinuous and twisted, the Fiends are the Chaos Spawn of the Dark Prince. Their long, scaly bodies move with deceptive speed, often surprising opponents before they're time to react.[2][5a]
  • Firewyrm of Tzeentch - Perhaps the most perfect example of the gifts granted by the Lord of Change, the Firewyrm is a personification of its god. Its body is an ever-changing mass of pseudopods, tentacles and clawed limbs that spew multicolored flames, sowing mutation in their wake.[2][5a]
  • Great Chaos Spawn: Truely vast monsters that feed of magic - they are even more unpredictable in nature and appearance than their smaller kin. eventually they will explodewhen they can no longer contain the energy stored within it.[3]
  • Plaguebeast of Nurgle - A seething mass of boils, lashing limbs, and diseased mouths, the Plaguebeast of Nurgle is a Chaos Spawn devoted to the Lord of Decay.[2]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th edition: May upgrade to Beast of Nurgle, Bloodbeast of Khorne, Fiend of Slaanesh or Firewyrm of Tzeentch.[5b]
  • 8th edition: May have a Mark of one of the Chaos Gods.[3]




I have fought in countless battles. At first, it is the din of war that unsettles you - the hiss of arrows, the clash of steel on steel. Yet the one noise I can never grow inured to is the sound of those loathsome Spawn. Even I still shudder at their roar.

~ Valmir von Raukov.[3]


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