Charnel Valley

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The Charnel Valley is a canyon pass through the Worlds Edge Mountains in Nehekhara. Before Nagash it was known as the Valley of the Kings. By the nomads it is known as the Valley of the Dead.[1a] The canyon joins together the western half of Nehekhara (Khemri, Numas, Zandri, Bahgar) with the eastern half (Mahrak, Rasetra, Lahmia, Lybaras, Beremas[1a]). At the western entrance lies Quatar, the Palace of Corpses[1c], or originally the White Palace[1d], and the entrance was once known as The Gateway of Eternity.[1c]

The length of the canyon is lined by titanic carved statues of the kings and gods. At the western entrance of the valley is the great palace of Quatar, the hundreds of steps to its gates lined with pillars carved from the valley rock face.[1a] Sehenesmet, Vizier of Quatar has developed incantations to bring these statues to life, including a great statue of half eagle and half lion. He uses his powers to animate many statues at a time to defend the entrance to the Valley of the Kings and prevent any from passing through it.[1b]

At the eastern end lies the city of Mahrak. Once ruled by King Phar, he used the valley to ambush and destroy King Settra's armies in his first coming. Only after Phar died could Settra take Mahrak.[1b]

King Nekhesh of the first dynasty won a battle here, sometime after the great awakening, with his undead army. It is unknown who he was fighting against, but he is armed with the Destroyer of Eternities.[1e]


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