Chevaliers de Lyonesse

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The Chevaliers de Lyonesse.

The Chevaliers de Lyonesse were a mighty force of Bretonnian Knights and Peasants, who were drawn to the banner of the famed Repanse de Lyonesse.


When Repanse was chosen by the Lady of the Lake to rescue Bretonnia from the forces of Chaos, she rode forth to rally the fragmented Knights of Lyonesse. When the knights saw a mere damsel bravely setting off to do battle with the Warriors of Chaos, and one who was undoubtedly favoured by the Lady of the lake, they felt honour bound to follow her to death and glory. While the ramparts of Couronne were cracking under the impact of the battering rams of a mighty Chaos Lord, Repanse led her Chevaliers into battle, trampling benaeth their hooves any foe in their path. When they breached the castle the Chevaliers were arrayed in a single lance formation. They cleft their way through the Chaos army until Repanse reached and slew their fell leader.


The forces of the Chevaliers were split up into several elite units.


  • The Chevaliers de la Damoiselle de Guerre were a sizeable unit of Knights Errant, young gallants setting out for the first time on the path of honour and self discovery. Aside from their reckless valour, these knights were bound by their faith in the Lady, it would therfore follow that such knights would strive to devote themselves to the cause of Repanse, an individual through whom the spirit of the Lady burns like a fiery beacon to the faithful. The regiment was lead by the Knight of the Realm Pierre d'Arden.
  • The Defenders of the Fleur de Lys, were Repanse's loyal retainers, the flower of Lyoness's chivalry. All were willing to follow the banner of Repanse de lyonesse into whatever peril it may lead. For these were the sons of of the Dukedom of Lyonesse and like the young Knights Errant, they were convinced that the spirit that moved within Repanse came from the Lady herself, giving them holy purpose in battle. They were lead by Repanse herself.


As she was once a commoner herself, Repanse de Lyonesse was regarded affectionatly by the peasants, many of whom were eager to rally to the Fleur de Lys.

  • The Bowmen of Lyonesse, were the peasant levy drawn from her future Dukedom, and were only to glad to serve their future Duchess, even though she was a woman. They answered to their champion, Jean Claude Sartre.
  • The Spearmen of Lyonesse, were a useful screen of armour for protecting the Bowmen, and excelled at meeting enemy cavalry charges. They were lead by their champion Rene de Cartes.


  • The Grail Damsel, Chantelle de la Nuit was chosen to aid the army of Repanse over and above the arm of any male lord.


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