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Glyph of Chotek WAL5.jpg
Titles Lord of the Sun. [2a]
Domains Sun
Type God
Affiliation Lizardmen

Chotek is the Lizardmen god of the Sun. [1a]

He is the oldest of the Old Ones. [1a]

None can look directly at the god and with his wings he soars above the world, sending divine inspiration down to his servants. [1a]

His glyph is a sacred talisman as well as used to spell his name. Often it is mounted on standards as it is believed that evil ones cannot look at it without flinching. [1a]

In the city of Hexoatl he is considered the most important god, above others such as Sotek. [1b]

Cult of Chotek

He is venerated by both Saurus and Skinks as the bringer of warmth and energy.


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